Want to build muscle, you're probably not eating enough!

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The biggest problem I encounter with men trying to add muscle mass is the amount they are eating. 'Eating clean' has become a buzz phrase for those avoiding any processed or calorie dense food, instead opting for lean meats, fish, salad, vegetables and anything else considered 'clean'. This blog is by no means discouraging people from this, and I applaud the discipline, however I just wanted to put the issue into perspective with an example of how much clean food you need to eat to add weight.

A typical 80kg man enters the gym, wanting to add muscle mass.

- Typically he needs 1700 calories when at rest to live and for all bodily functions to be working and correct. Note, this is him lying down doing sweet FA all day. (Future blogs will show how to work this out).
- If he has a sedentary job (office based) he would need to times this by 1.2 meaning he needs 2040 calories to achieve his daily work. A busy job would need to times this by 1.4 - 1.5
- He then goes to the gym and does a heavy weights session, so needs an extra 500 calories. So we are up to 2540 to keep his weight the same.
- We then need to add weight, so need to add at least 300 kcals per day, but ideally 500, so suddenly we are up to a conservative 3000 calories.

So on a training day let say that he needs
2g/kg of protein = 200g =800kcals
1g/kg of fat = 100g = 900kcals
And the rest carbs = 325g = 1300kcals

Here is what a typical day could look like

4 eggs on brown toast

Total 0% yoghurt 250g (half a large pot)
45g oats

Lunch 2
2 Chicken Breasts
Salad (lettuce/tomatoes/quarter of an avocado)
1 pack of rice (think uncle bens packet, whole pack)

Salmon fillet
Green beans
2 small sweet potatoes

Pre bed
Protein shake.

This is a conservative day, which needs to be consistent, so if you aren't eating this much or more, you will struggle!!

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