Do what you enjoy, or what works for you.

Today the fitness community will come out on mass with motivational quotes, 'revolutionary fat loss diets', and exercise programmes to advise you on how to trim off those Xmas calories.

With this is mind I will keep this short and sweet. Most programmes and diets fail because the person undertaking them does not ENJOY them.


Find something you like to do, or something you would like to learn to do, and do that for most of your available gym time. If there is something you don't enjoy particularly, but you need it to achieve your goals, do the minimum possible dose possible to achieve those goals.

For example. I enjoy weights, and last year I wanted to learn how to box. I don't particularly enjoy 'cardio', but I need it to keep my heart and lungs up to scratch. I therefore do 3 weights sessions a week, I use the boxing for cardio, and try and get on a watt bike once a week. This amount of training may not be feasible for some, but it works for me. FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.


This is made very complex by some, but it needn't be. There are many techniques to achieve fat loss, but essentially you need to consistently eat slightly less calories than you use. The approach below works for me, but may not work for others.
1. Find how many calories you need to eat to get to your goal.
2. Find some foods you enjoy to get to those calories.
3. Make sure you get some protein at every meal
4. Add vegetables that you enjoy to as many meals as possible.
5. Drink plenty of water

If someone tells you to eat vegetable soup 3 times a day, and you hate vegetable soup, I'd  imagine this would become tedious after a while, so don't even waste your time. FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.

I hope this helps