“He draws on extensive knowledge”

For the past two years I have been training with Andy and no two sessions have been the same. He draws on his extensive knowledge of exercises to keep the boredom, often experienced when working out on my own, at bay and even makes them (dare I say it) fun. He motivates me to get me through the toughest of exercises and gets those last few reps out of me when I would normally give up. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone who has any fitness goals they want to achieve from losing weight to running Marathons.

Rachel Sparks

“Andy help me to exceed this goal”

Before signing up with Andy I was concerned that personal training was something for posers, or professional athletes, but I have been proved wrong.  My goal was to regain a level of fitness lost some years ago and Andy has helped me to exceed this goal in a thoroughly enjoyable way.  The sessions have been well planned, incredibly varied, and executed in a calmly professional and highly supportive manner.  Andy’s expertise has enabled me to get the best out of limited time for exercise, and I would strongly recommend him. 

John David
Investment manager

Andy was my personal trainer for 18 months. Really helped me improve my fitness - and he is very easy to get along with. Recommended

Tom Hewitt


“I am achieving my aims and still going.”

I have worked with Andy for almost 3 years. It is entirely down to his great motivational skills and enthusiastic approach to my goals (however small or large) that I am achieving my aims and still going.

Laura Claydon (45)
Partner at Burgess Salmon law firm

“He judges capability well.”

He judges capability well and knows the difference between stretching it and straining it, all the while giving encouragement where deserved. Supporting the exercises, Andy provided advice on healthy eating, suggesting beneficial foods, menus and diets. Suffice to say that I have very little low back pain and my walking has improved considerably. I am conscious of how much healthier I am as a result if Andys efforts and am grateful to him.

John Holliday (age 64)


“Better at 40 +.”

I'd been going to the gym for a few months but not really noticing any benefit in terms of looking better. I'm in my 40s so I wasn't expecting to look like Brad Pitt, but I was getting frustrated that my body looked exactly the same as when I started. I went to see Andy on the recommendation of a friend with the aim of being more focused with my workouts. In pure vanity terms I wanted my arms to get bigger and my stomach to look more toned. Andy went through everything from my diet to the weights that I was lifting and the techniques required. He made it all very simple to understand and gave me a series of practical tips and workouts to take away and apply, and I'm delighted with the results.

Ben Edwards, Freelance writer

“Great advice on exercise and diet!”

Andy has given me great advice on exercise and more importantly on diet which has had a fantastic effect on my training regime.   I train with him every week and it is impossible to second guess the exercises you will do as he changes the routine to hit your muscle groups in different ways.  This ensures the session stay interesting as there is very little repetition.  The only constant is the sessions are always challenging!

John Torrie CEO Sopra Steria Limited

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